Posted by Pete Hubbard on Jun 25, 2018
Tags make it easy to find stories. If the option is set, comments permit readers to interact with the writer. If you like a story, click on the Star at the bottom of the Story. 



“Tags” make it easy to find Stories.

Click on the “Stories” tab and review the tags on the right sidebar. As of 6/25/2018, there were 109. The tags that are used the most appear at the top. If a group of tags has the same count, they are alphabetized.

When you write a Story, add a tag for your name so we can see all of the stories you have written.

Add the following tags when appropriate

  1. (Roles) -

    1. (Board positions)

      1. President, President-elect, President-elect Nominee, Treasurer, Secretary, Board member, Past President, Past Board member

    2. Committee chair (add a separate tag for the name of the committee

    3. Ghostwritten - if you write a story for someone else. Add your name and theirs.

  2. Add “bio” if the story is a bio.


When you write a story, always check the option to permit comments.

The number of “Comments” will be listed to the right of the list of tags.

“Likes” (the star)

If you like a story, click on the star on the far right side of the “Comments” line at the bottom of a story.

The number of “Likes” will be listed to the right of the list of tags or Comments.

The most liked stories will appear when you click on “Stories” then click “Most Popular”.


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